Goal and Performance

Charoen Pokphand Group has a significant focus on enhancing food security and improving access to nutrition. Our goal is to play an active role in addressing global food challenges by investing in sustainable agricultural practices, promoting innovative food technologies, and supporting local communities through various food-related initiatives. With our vast agricultural and food processing operations, we have contributed to the availability of nutritious food products and have been working towards ensuring food accessibility for populations in need.

2030 Goals and Performance


children, population and people in need receive access to safe and nutritious food

Supporting the SDGs

Charoen Pokphand Group's food security and improving access to nutrition actions support the achievement of one Sustainable Development Goals:

More Details on Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022

Stakeholders Directly Impacted

haroen Pokphand Group performs stakeholder assessment and prioritization process on an annual basis to evaluate impacts we have on them and how can they influence our strategies and actions over time. In 2022, the evaluation results showed that our commitment to the availability of nutritious food products creates impacts on all three stakeholder groups.

More Details on Stakeholder Engagement Report 2022

Our Impact by the Numbers


Accumulated Number of Children, Youth, the Poor, and Vulnerable People Given Access to Safe and Nutritious Food (2021-2022)

million meals

donated to unfortunate people in 2022


collaborating with Charoen Pokphand Group to create food security in 2022

Food Security and Access to Nutrition Management Approach

At C.P. Group, we are consistently committed to using our sustainable management strategy to address issues with access to nutrition and food security worldwide. With a rich history spanning over a century, we are aware of the crucial part we play as a major Thai conglomerate in influencing future food systems and sustaining global communities.

Our management approach is based on sustainable agriculture, where we give the highest priority to methods that protect biodiversity, conserve natural resources, and minimize emissions. We strive to increase productivity while safeguarding the planet's ecosystems for coming generations through our broad agricultural operations. We maximize crop yields, reduce food waste, and enhance supply chain effectiveness by utilizing cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing that nutritious food reaches consumers with little loss, even in remote places.

We also place a high priority on the production of high-in nutrients products. Devoted research and development teams produce nourishing food items that satisfy various dietary requirements and cultural preferences. Our portfolio includes ready-to-eat nutritional meals and fortified basics that are made to energize people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. In order to empower smallholder farmers, improve agricultural skills, and promote sustainable livelihoods, we also actively engage with the neighborhood communities. Our community-driven projects, like school nutrition programs and food assistance projects, work to increase disadvantaged people's access to nutrition, particularly for children and the elderly. In order to promote good change and work toward a world where no one goes hungry, we also acknowledge the value of collaboration and actively seek collaborations with governments, NGOs, academic institutions, and industry colleagues. Together, we can forge a path that ensures an abundance of nutritious food for all, leaving no one behind in the pursuit of a healthier, hunger-free world.

Commitment to Sustainable Production and Consumption

Charoen Pokphand Group is steadfast in its commitment to advancing environmentally friendly production and consumption along our whole value chain. As a major Thai conglomerate, we are aware of our role in determining the direction of international trade and the contribution we can make to protecting the environment for future generations.

Sustainability, as we know it, begins at the source. We are dedicated to acquiring agriculture and raw commodities through ethical means because of this. We make sure that our supply chain remains socially and environmentally responsible by working with farmers and suppliers who follow ethical and sustainable practices.

A key component of our management strategy is reducing our environmental impact. At every stage of production, we work to increase resource efficiency. We want to make our company more resource-efficient by reducing the amount of energy, water, and waste we produce through technological advancements and best practices.

To meet our sustainability objectives, we must embrace the idea of a circular economy. Within our value chain, we aggressively encourage the reuse, recycling, and repurposing of materials and waste products. We hope to contribute to a more sustainable and regenerative business model by closing the loop and minimizing waste.

Driving sustainable consumption is made possible by innovation. Our devoted research and development teams put forth the endless effort to provide eco-friendly and socially conscious goods that satisfy our customers' changing needs. We want to encourage responsible consumption habits by offering eco-friendly packaging options as well as healthier and more ecologically friendly food options.

Increasing sustainability requires teamwork. To develop a shared commitment to sustainability, we actively collaborate with stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, consumers, and local communities. We make sure that our sustainability programs are inclusive and effective, bringing about good change everywhere we go, through participating in partnerships and dialogue.

Our journey toward sustainability is guided by two key principles: responsibility and transparency. We routinely share our projects and progress, highlighting both our successes and our setbacks. We hold ourselves accountable to our sustainability commitments and strive for ongoing development through this transparent approach.

We welcome everyone to join us in embracing responsible production and consumption practices as we move towards a more sustainable future, including customers, partners, and industry peers.

Developing Products for Sustainable Consumption

Charoen Pokphand Group has also introduced the concept of creating future food that cares for the world and creates food security as well as environmental sustainability. Accordingly, the Group has developed various raw materials to enable a new style of food that will reduce environmental impacts, while offering good taste and health benefits, such as alternative proteins using raw materials from high-protein plants and replicating the taste, smell, and color of animal products. Products that have been released to the market include MEAT ZERO and VG for Love product groups.

Sustainable Production and Consumption Initiative

Plant-based meat alternatives with meatless meat innovation: the product provides meat-like texture and real-meat taste and nutrition, but is completely free of antibiotics, hormones, genetic modification (GMO), and cholesterol. The products are also contained in eco-friendly packaging.

Charoen Pokphand Foods (Thailand)

Charoen Pokphand Foods (Thailand)

Meat Zero

  • 0% cholesterol
  • Plant substitute for meat
  • Made with non-genetically modified plants
  • No use of hormones and antibiotics
  • Eco-friendly packaging
CPRAM (Thailand)

CPRAM (Thailand)

VG for Love Plant-based Pork Ball Spaghetti

  • Plant-based
  • Vegetarian food with milk and eggs
  • Natural protein with no synthetic or artificial meat
  • Traceable throughout the supply chain

Criteria for Products that are Considered Health Products

Charoen Pokphand Group is committed to offering customers nutritious food options that improve their overall health. Our criterion for healthy products is a comprehensive approach that evaluates and categorizes our products based on their nutritional content. This system uses evidence-based standards that take into account the amount of added sugars, saturated fats, sodium, and key elements like vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. For example, products in the "reduced fat, trans fat, sodium, and sugar" category, products with added nutritional value, and products with improved formulas based on internal and country-specific regulations, where the company operates or invests rigorously. This information serves as a reference for developing health-promoting products, enabling research and development of beneficial formulations that promote overall well-being and reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases appropriately.

The primary purpose of our criterion for healthy products is to allow consumers to make informed about diet decisions. Consumers may immediately find and select solutions that correspond with their dietary habits and health goals thanks to clear and simple nutritional labeling on our goods. We think that by offering clear information, customers can take control of their health and well-being.

Healthy Products Initiatives

Charoen Pokphand Foods (Thailand)

Charoen Pokphand Foods (Thailand)

CP Balance brand

High in fiber but low in calories, sodium, and saturated fat.

Charoen Pokphand Foods (Thailand)

Charoen Pokphand Foods (Thailand)

Fito Puree

Fito Puree from 26 types of fruits and vegetables contains phytonutrients, polyphenols 150,000 mcg., lycopene 1.8 mg. added vitamins A, C, D, E and fiber 3,200 mg.

Charoen Pokphand Foods (Thailand)

Charoen Pokphand Foods (China)

Lutein Fresh Eggs

  • 100 grams of eggs contains ≥ 1,600 micrograms of lutein
  • No antibiotics
  • No growth promoters
Charoen Pokphand Foods (Thailand)

Charoen Pokphand Foods (China)

Rye Bread Stuffed with Low-Fat Chicken Breast

  • 20% rye cereal added
  • Low fat and long satiety
  • Nutritional balance of meat, vegetables and cereals
  • No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors


Whole Wheat Bread

  • 0% cholesterol and low fat
  • Contain with vitamins B1 B2 B6 B12 Pantothenic and Niacin
  • High calcium

Developing Products for Sustainable Production and Consumption & Immunity-Boosting Products

Products that are lowered in saturated fast, trans fats, sodium, sugars and added sugars

Products that contain nutrition ingredients like fiber, vitamins. minerals, phytochemicals, or functional food additives

Billion Baht, Total sales volume of consumer product

Billion Baht, Total sales volume of consumer product



% increased from 2021 year



Food Accessibility and Affordability Food Accessibility and Affordability Progress

Progress for food safety certification

Safe and High-Quality Production Process
of food factories received quality and safety standard certification

2030 Goals and Performance

million people

million people

Children and people in need gain access to safe and nutrition food

Commitment towards Food Accessibility and Affordability

Charoen Pokphand Group firmly believes that access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food is a fundamental right for every individual. Hence, we are committed to making a positive impact on food accessibility and affordability for communities worldwide. Through strategic partnerships and community-centered programs, we actively engage in global food initiatives to address food insecurity and hunger. We invest in innovative techniques and technologies to increase food production efficiency, reduce supply chain costs, and offer high-quality food products at competitive prices, making them more accessible to a broader range of consumers.

We are aware that local issues can have a significant impact on food accessibility. As part of our commitment, we fund community-based projects that assist smallholder farmers, raise agricultural output, and strengthen food delivery systems. The basis for sustainable food systems is strengthened through empowering regional communities. Our commitment to ethical pricing and supply chain integrity supports open pricing policies and just treatment of all stakeholders, helping to maintain fair and stable food prices that promote accessibility for consumers.

Another important component of our commitment to affordable and accessible food is reducing food waste. We want to reduce food loss and increase food consumption through effective supply chain management and creative packaging solutions. By addressing the problem of food waste, we can direct more funds toward offering cheap and wholesome food options. At C.P. Group, we also fight for laws that support affordable and easy access to food on a local, national, and worldwide scale. We work to build an enabling environment that ensures everyone has access to the food they require for a healthy and full life by promoting evidence-based policy.

Food Accessibility and Affordability Initiative

"Raising Layer for Student's Lunch" project

Charoen Pokphand Group joins hands with Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods) and Charoen Pokphand for Rural Lives’ Development Foundation (C.P.) and has celebrated the success of Raising Layer for Student's Lunch” project that has been helping students in the rural areas of Thailand to fight malnutrition for more than 34 years. The joint CSR project has a grand plan to reach 1,000 schools nationwide within 2025.

The company has been operating this project since 1989 by enhancing the knowledge of more than 180,000 students at the primary-school level from 905 schools participating. Moreover, it has become a learning center for over 12,000 teachers and 1,900 communities on Agro-business.

In terms of food security, the project offers nutrient eggs at an affordable price to the community. This is in accordance to the principle of sufficiency economy.

For more information, please visit: cpfworldwide.com/en/media-center/sustainability-34-years-egg-project

“Food for Those in Need” Project

One of Lotus's (a subsidiary of C.P. Group) commitments is to promote good health for Thai people through consuming of good, safe, and high-quality food.

"Food for Those in Need" project, is a project that Lotus's has organized for the sixth consecutive year to support quality raw materials for preparing lunches for students in schools with food shortages or with limited access to food in 77 provinces across the country. To promote access to good, nutritious, and safe according to nutritional principles. Currently, Lotus's has supported more than 700 schools, delivering good food to more than 66,000 students. This year, Lotus's will deliver food raw materials to students in more than 100 schools across the country. Throughout the academic year 2023.

Collaborating efforts to enhance access to quality eggs in the education sector within their respective administrative districts, Guangxi Zhuang.

Chia Tai Egg Industry (Guangxi), in collaboration with Weiyao Supply Chain Management, is implementing a strategic partnership model 'Government + School + Organization' to promote food accessibility for students and teachers. This initiative aligns with the concept derived from China's National Food Safety Law, leading to the development of the 'Farm-to-Table Industrial Chain' approach. This partnership covers the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, aiming to ensure the provision of safe, high-quality eggs that can be traced back. This service extends to 443 schools, encompassing kindergarten, elementary, middle, and vocational schools, as well as universities in Nanning City, benefiting 380,000 students and teachers.

In addition, the Group has conducted projects and activities to promote hygienic consumption and nutritional principles as well as encouraged learning and skill development processes in food production in an effort to contribute to alleviating malnutrition.

Soil Health Management Commitment to Promoting Soil Health Management

The Charoen Pokphand Group is aware that fertile soil is both the cornerstone of sustainable agriculture and a vital component to nourishing the planet. We are strongly devoted to advancing soil health management strategies that put environmental preservation first and raise agricultural productivity as a responsible global corporation.

We firmly believe that sustainable farming practices are key to maintaining soil health. We work to improve soil conditions, maintain soil fertility, and use less harmful substances through precision agriculture and responsible land management. We ensure that our agricultural operations continue to be environmentally friendly and contribute to a better ecosystem by placing a high priority on soil health.

To regenerate the soil, we as proponents of regenerative agriculture go beyond conventional farming practices. We actively encourage soil regeneration, carbon sequestration, and water retention through techniques including cover cropping, crop rotation, and decreased tillage. Our dedication to leaving a healthy environmental legacy for future generations is evidenced by our commitment to regenerative agriculture.

Effective management of soil health depends on having a clear understanding of the unique requirements of the soil. To evaluate nutrient levels and identify any concerns, we regularly test and analyze the soil. We adjust our farming operations and put in place targeted solutions based on this data-driven methodology to maximize soil health and nutrient balance.

Our dedication to soil health management is based on innovation. Our devoted research and development teams are always examining innovative agricultural practices and technological advancements that support soil sustainability and health. By continuing to lead the way in agricultural innovation, we support the global initiative to ensure a resilient and food-secure future.

Sustainability in Action