Goal and Performance

Charoen Pokphand Group is committed to promoting and improving the overall health and well-being of individuals and communities. The Group invests in developing innovative products and services and fostering partnerships with organizations and experts in the field. Through these endeavors, C.P. Group sought to make a positive impact on people's lives and contribute to a healthier society.

Total sales volume from B2Bb and B2C products and services that promote health and well-being

Supporting the SDGs

Charoen Pokphand Group's health and well-being actions support the achievement of three Sustainable Development Goals:

More Details on Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022

Stakeholders Directly Impacted

Charoen Pokphand Group performs stakeholder assessment and prioritization process on an annual basis to evaluate impacts we have on them and how can they influence our strategies and actions over time. In 2022, the evaluation results showed that our commitment to fostering a healthier society creates impacts on all four stakeholder groups.

More Details on Stakeholder Engagement Report 2022

Our Impacts by the Numbers


focusing on nutrition, health and well-being


Decline in the proportion of product recalls compared to 2021


of products display nutrition labels information of international standards compliance.

million THB

of marketing budget to promote healthy food products

Health and Well-being Management Approach

At Charoen Pokphand Group, we are committed to improving the health and well-being of people and communities all around the world. Our dedication spans a number of areas, including growth hormone use, responsible antibiotic use, animal welfare, and product development. We want to build a better, wealthier future for everyone by maintaining a constant focus on innovation, sustainability, and moral behavior.

Health and Well-being Product Development

We are aware that consumer requirements and preferences are ever-changing. Our efforts to produce health and wellness products are therefore motivated by a strong desire to meet these changing needs. We create a wide range of wholesome goods that improve health and general well-being through cutting-edge research and investments in cutting-edge technology. Our product line includes functional foods and fortified goods that are intended to help people live healthier lifestyles.

Animal Welfare

At Charoen Pokphand Group, we fully believe that ethical business operations include consideration for animal welfare. We firmly believe that all animals in our supply chain should be treated with the highest respect and care. We are committed to using ethical farming methods so that animals can live in healthy environments and engage in their natural behaviors. We collaborate closely with our partners and suppliers to promote a shared commitment to enhancing the well-being of livestock and aquaculture. We do this by encouraging them to adopt comparable animal welfare principles.

Responsible Use of Antibiotics:

Since preventing antibiotic resistance is of utmost importance, Charoen Pokphand Group is actively working to encourage the prudent use of antibiotics in our agricultural operations. Our strategy is founded on strict regulations and industry best practices that control the use of antibiotics. In our opinion, antibiotics should only be administered when absolutely required and under the guidance of experienced veterinarians. We seek to protect both human and animal health by putting a priority on appropriate antibiotic use, helping to build a sustainable and dependable food supply chain.

Growth Hormones:

We are devoted to preserving the integrity and safety of our food products as an ethical and progressive business. We strictly abide by laws and professional standards while managing the use of growth hormones in our animal farming techniques. We ensure that our products are free of dangerous residues by upholding transparency and employing stringent testing techniques. Our approach to the ethical use of growth hormones is a reflection of our continuous determination to give our customers access to nutritious food.

Promoting Good Health and Well-being

As a leading company in the agro-industry and food, retail, and pharmaceuticals businesses, Charoen Pokphand Group holds it one of our core missions to promote good health and well-being for people of all genders, ages, and statuses through our products and services.

For this reason, the Group has centered our focus on various aspects of capacity development, such as developing personnel to enhance their knowledge, ability, and expertise in creating new goods, products, and services that can proactively respond to the needs of customers and consumers, developing production processes and complying with international standards to achieve quality and safe goods, products and services for users and consumers, developing products that enhance the health and well-being of consumers, and promoting health through transparent and complete communication of product information.

% of Thailand's plants and farms are certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

International Standard Certification for Food Quality and Safety

In 2022, CP Group has been certified to comply with international standards for food quality and safety throughout the production chain in Thailand’s operations, as follows:

Feed Business
  • Livestock feed mills : GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001 and AI Compartment1 (only farms for export)
  • Aquaculture feed mills : GMP and HACCP
  • Pre-mixed production plants : FAMI QS2
Farm-Processing Business
  • Broiler and duck breeder farms, egg hatcheries, layer chicken farms, and broiler, duck, and swine farms : GAP
  • Broiler and duck farms for export : Genesis GAP/Lloyd's Register Poultry Scheme and AI Compartment
  • Shrimp farms : GAP/CoC (Department of Fisheries) and BAP (only farms for export)
  • Basic chicken, duck, and shrimp processing plants : GMP/GHPs
  • Basic chicken and duck processing plants for export : HACCP, ISO 9001, Genesis GAP/Lloyd's Register Poultry Scheme and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
  • The products under the brand will be selected from orchards or farms that have received Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) standards
Food Business
  • Food production plants3 : GMP/GHPs and HACCP
  • Food processing plants from chicken, eggs, duck, pork, and shrimp for export : ISO 9001
  • Food production plants from chicken, duck, eggs, and shrimp for export : BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
Modern Trade

Company's distribution centers and retail store :Good Hygiene Practice (GHP), International Food Standards (Codex) of the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Food Safety Management System Standards (ISO 22000:2018)

  1. AI Compartment (Avian Influenza Compartment) standards for poultry established by the Department of Livestock Development
  2. FAMI QS (Feed Additives and Pre-Mixtures Quality System)
  3. Include semi-cooked, fully cooked, and processed (ready-to-eat) food production plant
  4. To raise the level of agricultural products in line with the brand standards of MQP (Makro Quality Pro) and Selected, which are standards for the Company's food safety management system. The products under the said brand will be selected from orchards or farms that have received Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) standards.

Details on Health Risk Analysis of Vulnerable Groups and Improvement Plan

Health and Safety of Vulnerable Groups

Charoen Pokphand Group performs a human rights impact assessment (HRIA) on an annual basis to assess opportunities and impact levels that may change in accordance with the situations of the world and the industry. The assessment took into account employees and rights-holders involved in the value chain whose rights are potentially at risk. This includes suppliers, contractors, local communities, customers, consumers, LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer), racial and religious groups, minorities, people with disabilities, and socially vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, women, pregnant women, children, and youths. Health and safety issues of vulnerable groups have been included in HRIA.

In 2022, the Group also promotes a good quality of life for vulnerable groups through initiative projects as follows:

Hostel for Patients and Families at Vietnam’s National Cancer Hospital

K Tan Trieu Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam faces the problem of overflowing patients and congestion, resulting in inconvenience and difficulty for patients to receive medical treatment. However, patients cannot transfer to less crowded hospitals for convenience due to the high cost of cancer treatment.

Therefore, CP Vietnam has joined forces with the hospital to build a hostel comprising 240 beds, with WCs, bathrooms, common areas, and an efficient management system to support patients and their families. This helps patients save costs during treatment. The hostel not only provides safe, convenient, and affordable accommodation but also creates confidence in safety and orderliness.

More than 300,000 times Hospital bed circulation 87.5% Reduced cost proportion for patients and families using the hostel

CP Foods Provides Fund for the Elderly Program

Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CP Foods) continues to support vulnerable seniors in need near its operations through the "CPF Fund for Elderly" program, in the support of Thailand's transformation toward well-being aged society.

In 2022, Thailand is now entering an “aged society” with more than 20% of the population aged over 60 years old. Recognizing that many of them are disadvantaged and struggle to make ends meet, CP Foods launched the “CPF Fund for Elderly” initiative to provide a variety of supports to senior citizens living in poverty across the country, therefore propelling Thailand to become a quality aging society.

CPF Funds for the Elderly project intends to assist the elderly above the age of 55 who live within a 5-kilometer radius of the company’s farms and factories who are neglected, unaided, or impoverished. Under the scheme, CP Foods provides financial support for 2,000 Baht per person every month for a lifetime, in addition to food, necessities, and a monthly visit. This program also promotes the appreciation model, alleviates social inequity, and improves the quality of life for the elderly

For the past 12 years, from 2011 to 2022, CPF has been involved in creating smiles and encouragement for the elderly in a community of 874 people in 52 provinces across the country. by a team of volunteers from various business groups, which uses the project budget total of 113,290,000 THB.

Health Screening Program

Lotus’s promotes public access to basic health services and encourages Thai people to have good health and well-being by eating healthy, quality, and safe food-as well as access to services and knowledge on health through Lotus’s Stores and online platforms, and Lotus's also supports exercise and regular health check-ups.

Free breast cancer screening service with a mobile mammogram machine in cooperation with the Kanchanabarami Foundation and the Bureau of Health, Bangkok. The Company provides “Breast Cancer Screening Services with Mobile Mammograms for the fourth year for women with health risks and lack of opportunity on service access. Individuals can be screened for breast cancer by a mammogram from a specialist. There is also information about self-screening for breast cancer for people who are not at risk. Since the beginning of the project, there have been more than 3,319 persons who have been screened. In addition, Lotus's organized a special campaign that allows customers to participate in helping those who are underprivileged. For example, the clothing brand MeStyle donated part of its profit of 200,000 Baht from selling women's clothing and lingerie in October to the National Cancer Institute to purchase tools and medical equipment to help underprivileged patients.

Free preliminary screening service for diabetes to the public, consecutively for the 5th year. There is a sugar level monitoring service, an initial physical examination service, and a giveaway for healthy coconuts from farmers. The objective is to support good health for Thai people and promote public access to preliminary health services.

Sustainability in Action