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A holistic approach to environmental stewardship that takes into account the abundance of natural resources, including soil, water, forest, and air, will enable us to achieve the critical goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°c and preserving natural resources that are essential for the livelihoods of the global population and all living things. For this reason, Charoen Pokphand Group stresses on conducting a business that is environmentally friendly by, for instance, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing waste generation and implementing waste management, water stewardship, protecting ecosystems and biodiversity as well as continuously creating maximum benefits for raw materials and natural resources in order to achieve circular economy. In addition, to our operational commitment, the Group has extended our approach to business partners and suppliers across the value chain to jointly create a wide range of positive impacts for a “Better Tomorrow” of all stakeholder groups.

Climate Resilience

Under the current climate change conditions, the Charoen Pokphand Group sees an opportunity to create opportunity, support, and be a part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all business groups covering 21 countries.

Goals and Progress

Reduce GHG emissions (Scope 1 and 2) from operations from 4.2% target according to Science-based Target

Circular Economy

Charoen Pokphand Group recognizes the importance of changing business practices from a linear economy to a circular economy. Thus, the Group is managing a circular economy according to UNEP Circularity.

Goals and Progress

Zero food waste to landfill

Zero waste to landfill

All plastic packaging are recyclable, reusable or compostable

Water Stewardship

Water scarcity remains one of the world's most challenging environmental issues due to water demand in all business sectors, households, and the increase of today's population. Therefore, Water Stewardship is one of the Group's sustainable development issues to promote the wise use of water while there is high demand.

Goals and Progress

20% Reduction of water withdrawal per unit of revenue compared to base year 2020

Ecosystem and Biodiversity Protection

Today, digital technology and innovation are evolving rapidly and it shaped business operations and people's daily life accordingly. As a result, these changes lead to negative impacts on the biodiversity of ecosystems.

Goals and Progress

100% of high-risk raw material can be traced back to the origin by 2030

100% of business groups conduct collaborative projects with national and international partners to manage and monitor biodiversity in business operations

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Charoen Pokphand Group is committed to responsible management of business partners throughout the supply chain. With a variety of businesses, products, and services of the Group, there are challenges in operations that may not cover all business partners, especially those in remote areas. In addition, the true understanding of sustainability principles and a responsible supply chain among partners remain a challenge.

Goals and Progress

100% of high-risk suppliers are audited