Transform and reorienting agricultural systems to support food security under the new realities of climate change

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Developing smart city and infrastructures to improve quality of life and better health and wellbeing

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Creating a learning society and driving innovation to uplift the society

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Building a smart community that deliver better quality of life, health, and well-being of the community

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Upgrading skills and knowledge to keep pace with technology

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Innovating and developing food products that have completed nutrition for good health and well-being for all

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Developing products processes that are environmentally-friendly to aim for carbon neutral society

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Driving business with technology and innovation to shape a better living for all

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Promoting and supporting new opportunities to create social equality

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Charoen Pokphand Group’s Vision is

To be a Leading Tech and Innovative Conglomerate, Providing Food for both Body and Mind, that Creates Shared Value and Brings Health and Well-being for all.

C.P. Group will merge cooperation with internal and external parties based on integrity and ethics to enable accelerated business growth and sustainable value creation for all stakeholders.

Mr. Dhanin Chearavanont

Senior Chairman

Charoen Pokphand Group

C.P. Group recognizes our responsibility in creating sustainable food and supply chain stability in order to deliver quality and safe food that bettering health and well-being for the world population.

Mr. Soopakij Chearavanont


Charoen Pokphand Group

C.P. Group’s next step is to become an innovative organization that develops products and services of higher quality. We promise that people will have access to quality food and knowledge that is food for the brain.

Mr. Suphachai Chearavanont

Chief Executive Officer

Charoen Pokphand Group

C.P. Group has centered our focus on developing good and talented professionals with leadership attributes. We offer our young leaders a platform to demonstrate their potentials, create innovation and become co-creators of benefits for the country and the people.

Mr. Narong Chearavanont

Vice Chairman

Charoen Pokphand Group

The Six Core Values are the spirit of Charoen Pokphand Group. Meanwhile, we conduct our business based on the Three Benefit Principles, these principles have become our corporate culture.

Dr. Ajva Taulananda

Senior Vice Chairman

Charoen Pokphand Group

The Group strives to be a leader in the food business. Research and development is a core foundation for building knowledge and excellence in order to guarantee high-quality production standards from upstream to downstream as well as the delivery of quality products to the hands of consumers.

Ms. Phatanee Leksrisompong

Charoen Pokphand Group

Charoen Pokphand Group is growing up by witnessing the value of goodness provided by others, including opportunity and love. This offers us reason to conclude that thankfulness is a recognition of virtue and a genuine compensation. These lead life in a better way, doing good things and sending good feelings to each other.

Mr. Iam Ngamdamrong

Senior Vice Chairman

Charoen Pokphand Group

“The ability of society and a community to live peacefully together is the balance between conservation and development” given significance among stakeholder groups, build knowledge and develop capacities for individuals, communities, and society to enable a sustainable coexistence between business and society.

Mr. Prasit Damrongchitanon

Vice Chairman

CP Intertrade Co., Ltd.

To sustain our business, beyond growth, we prioritize fostering a foundation of integrity, ethics, and honesty in our interactions with customers and partners. We are committed to transparency, legality, and adherence to regulations, striving to be a reputable organization for our nation.

Mr. Virachai Ratanabanchuen

Vice Chairman

Agro-Industry and Foods Business Group

C.P. Group China practices the Three Benefits Principle, through the traceability of the whole industry chain from farm to table, to ensure a professional and responsible food safety production process, as well as to promote a recyclable and low-carbon model of production and consumption behaviors, so that all relevant parties in the value chain can be supported by sustainable development

Mr. Yang Xiaoping

C.P. Group China CEO

“Driving sustainability is not a matter of one person” Joining forces from all sectors will result in an exponentially greater beneficial impact. As a result, by setting a clear objective and assigning roles effectively, tough goals will be met.

Dr. Teerapon Tanomsakyut

Chief Sustainability and Strategy Development Officer

Charoen Pokphand Group

“"Developing our people" is a crucial factor for driving our nation's growth. At CP Leadership Institute, we are passionate about empowering employees through comprehensive and equitable access to top-notch knowledge and skills. We believe in the power of hands-on experience, lifelong learning, a diverse and inclusive culture, and above all, we treat everyone with equal respect.

Ms. Pimonrat Reephattanavijitkul

Director of CP Leadership Institute and Chief People Officer

Charoen Pokphand Group

CPF commits to Net-zero across the value chain by 2050 The Company is the first food processing company in the world with near- and long-term FLAG science-based targets validated by the SBTi. Our journey to Net-zero is not only the achievement of SDG, but also the sustainability competitive advantage in global food business.

Mr. Prasit Boondoungprasert

Chief Executive Officer

Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL.

CP Axtra is committed to supporting farmers, SMEs, and job creation to foster sustainable economic growth under the platform of opportunities. We promote capability enhancement, productivity, and distribution channels to increase income generation and job creation for farmers and SMEs, reaffirming our mission to operate business sustainably.

Mr. Tanin Buranamanit

Group Chief Executive Officer

CP Axtra PCL.

As people development is critical to drive the country forward, True focuses on providing opportunities for the youth to equally access technology and knowledge sources. This leads to minimizing inequality and elevating the quality of Thai education sustainably. For 16 years, the True Plookpanya Project has thus fostered opportunities for people development in Thai education.

Mr. Manat Manavutiveth

Chief Executive Officer

True Corporation PCL.

“We conduct business under the vision "Bringing agricultural value to the world." We are committed to protecting forest resources and terrestrial ecosystems. We collaborate with farmers and corporate partners from all over the world to generate change towards sustainability across the supply chain."

Mr. Paisarn Kruawongvanich

Chief Executive Officer

Bangkok Produce Merchandising PCL.

We commit to operating a fully integrated agricultural business while also taking care of farmers and society. That is to benefit the country in which we operate, the people in each place where we invest, and finally the organization. This aligns with the world's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Mr. Sumeth Pinyosnit

Chief Executive Officer

Crop Integration Business

Good corporate governance is a key area for improving efficiency, promoting long-term growth, and increasing competitiveness. This will maximize benefits for all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, and stakeholders. In essence, corporate governance will contribute to the value of associated enterprises and partners.

Mr. Chana Laoveerakul

Chief Executive Officer

Transportation and Service Business

A commitment to the environment, society, and the global community is essential in our business interactions. I believe this will ensure the continued existence and expansion of our organization for the next century.

Mr. Manas Chiaravanond

Chief Executive Officer

Chia Tai Co., Ltd.

“FREEWILL” Software development leader. We develop and use Cloud technology that supports business operations to achieve sustainability benefits within the economic system Environment and Society We adhere & develop people according to the 6 Core Values ​​& Freewill DNA, which are the heart and pass the DNA on to every generation so that this world will last for a long time..

Dr. Veera Veerakool

Chief Executive Officer

Freewill Group

We are devoted to promoting sustainability in the community and surrounding areas. We employ current technology to combat environmental pollution, reduce waste, use alternative energy, and reuse water in order to make better use of resources. We also advocate for community-beneficial activities in order to foster long-term cohabitation.

Mrs. Kanoknart Numpacharoen

Chief Executive Officer

Perfect Companion Group Co., Ltd.

For business operations at Myanmar CP, we have set goals for sustainable business. To be successful, it must come from the cooperation of all employees, including the company's stakeholders

Mr. Uthai Tantipimolphan

Vice Chairman

Myanmar C.P. Livestock Co., Ltd.

C.P. Bangladesh believes in Decent Work and Economic Growth. We operate our business based on the Three-Benefits Principle of Charoen Pokphand Group, which are benefits to the country, the people, and the organization

Mr. Suchat Suntipada


C.P. Bangladesh Co., Ltd.

Packaging Business Group is committed to researching and developing environmentally friendly products, supporting the development of standardized low-carbon products, and utilizing low-carbon emission resources while developing technology and production processes to increase efficiency and reduce pollution to the world and the environment.

Mr. Somsak Lertchai

Chief Executive Officer


Real Estate Business creates world’s resources to be home, cities, and nation. To build a sustainable growing city, we have to love all resources and concern environment and happiness of the community. C.P. Land desires to build the quality of life, not only Homo sapiens but all lives and the spirit of this world

Mr. Keerati Satasook

Chief Executive Officer

C.P. Land PCL.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero, clean energy is a new way to transform energy infrastructure for the world and our children in the future. We are devoted to offering the best in class technology to our partners, stakeholders, and communities, as well as improving access to clean energy at an acceptable price, according to the Charoen Pokphand Group's three principles.

Mr. Somboon Lertsuwannaroj

CEO Altervim Co., Ltd.

ALL NOW is dedicated to being a logistics leader using renewable energy. We combine forces to foster collaboration throughout the business supply chain to assist in the sustainable achievement of carbon-neutral and Net-Zero targets in the transportation sector.

Mr. Tanate Piriyothinkul

Chief Executive Officer


step towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow through cutting-edge digital solutions. CPFC integrates technology to reduce carbon footprint and minimize ecological impact, and develop city that thrive harmoniously with nature, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Ms. Paphitchaya Suwandee


CP Future City Development Corporation Limited.

CPMC aims to provide the healthcare services; which ranges from promoting health and preventing diseases, effective and efficient treatments and empowering patients to manage their own health and healthcare; with lean service delivery and low carbon alternatives, while delivering sustainable values in the outcomes to patients and populations and the impacts to environmental, social and financial aspects.

Mr. Supoj Mahapan


CP Medical Center Co., Ltd.

Drives our investment in fully electric Ground Support Equipment (GSE). By deploying emission-free GSE and service vehicles, We lead the way in reducing carbon emissions, promoting cleaner energy and contributing to a sustainable aviation industry.

Mr. Greg Matin

Chief Executive Officer

Siam Land Private Jet Terminal

Actions and working together responsibly to create a peaceful society and that there is justice in every level of society. This is the first step towards sustainable development. The basis of these actions must be sustainable decisions from everyone in the organization.

Mr. Suwicha Pornawalai

(Acting) Chief Human Resources Officer

Dep. Human Resources, Thana Telecom

As Ascend Group being the leading Digital Service Provider in Thailand, we truly understand the importance of sustainable economic contribution. Investment in technology not only enhances efficiency and mitigates operational risks but also fosters economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development in the country, leading to effective long-term competency.

Ms. Achira Taulananda

Chief Financial Office

Ascend Group

Working with a sustainable agriculture standard system will benefit businesses domestically and internationally. This helps to alleviate the grave challenges of water scarcity, energy scarcity, and climate change.

Mr. Worasit Sittiwichai

Chief Operating Officer

Myanmar CPP Fertilizer Co., Ltd.

Business operations must practice good governance, risk management, and compliance with social regulations or international or domestic law. This has been ingrained in corporate operations since the development of employees and the establishment of the company's sustainability.

Mr. Thiti Lujitanon

Chief Operating Officer

C.P. Intertrade Co., Ltd.

We build and nurture farmers by doing thorough crop analysis. Integrated issue solutions using cutting-edge science and technology. We also encourage company sustainability and profitability while increasing the value of the seeds generated through our partnerships with customers, employees, communities, and the environment

Mr. Piyaporn Ninlayaganon

Chief Operating Officer

PVT. Seeds Business in India and South Asia

We support supply chain management systems, promote sustainable agricultural reform, achieve a balance of economic, social, and environmental development, and improve farmers' quality of life. We are doing this on behalf of an upstream company in accordance with C.P. Group's three benefits principles.

Mr. Chalerm Boonprachern

Chief Operating Officer

Charoen Pokphand Produce Co., Ltd.

We are conducting business in the upstream by producing high-quality agricultural factors. We use modern farm machinery technologies to maximize output efficiency. We build a sustainable agricultural society that prioritizes good governance and environmental preservation.

Mr. Sayan Hongsa

Chief Operating Officer

Charoen Pokphand Produce Co., Ltd.

If responsibilities are conducted with honesty, integrity, and transparency, there is no need to pursue personal gains while still complying with the law and fighting corruption. To improve the foundation of the organization's sustainability, the firm will foster an organizational culture that is honest and devoted to justice.

Mr. Adisak Pramualmitra

Executive Vice President

Khao C.P. Co., Ltd.

We urge all of our employees to follow and apply the six Core Values. Executives act as role models for employees in developing an awareness of ethics so that they may be termed professionals, as well as evaluating how effectively employees accomplish their responsibilities in accordance with the three benefits principles.

Mr. Wara Rojsirisub

Chief Operating Officer


Our agriculture products business provides full engineering services. Our goal is to enhance the capabilities of the country's industrial sector through technological innovation and ongoing research and development.

Mr. Somchai Phaiboonpalayoi

Senior Vice President

Kasetphand Group

For every crisis that the country faces, you will notice C.P. Group as one of the organizations that assist Thai people in overcoming hundreds of obstacles, both in front of and behind the scenes. It is an excellent honor to be a member of a major organization and provide advantages for this country.

Mr. Somsak Tantaranukul

Senior Vice President

Charoen Pokphand Group

Promoting healthy products, Royal Umbrella Rice, the market leader in packaged rice in Thai brands, sees potential in the healthy product industry, as rice consumption for health is currently limited. Therefore, healthy products were released at the beginning of 2019 in keeping with the organization's sustainability aims under the name Royal Umbrella Lite.

Mr. Yongyut Phurkmahadumrong

Senior Vice President

C. P. FOOD STORE Co., Ltd.

CP ALL commits to be carbon neutrality within 2030 and achieve net zero greenhouse gas emission within 2050 which are alignment to reduce total energy usage growth and to achieve the sustainability global goal.

Mr. Prasith Chakarttham

Vice President


CP Engineering prioritizes workplace safety, proficiently manages risks, and continually refines processes in line with company objectives. We uphold responsibilities for social, environmental, and community sustainability, embodying a comprehensive commitment to excellence.

Mr. Sarawut Pichaichuang

Vice President

Charoen Pokphand Engineering Co., Ltd.

Emphasizing the significance of recognizing and accepting diversity among coworkers, prohibiting discrimination, and encouraging employees to take full responsibility for their jobs will all help promote innovations. This leads to more efficient decision-making in the company. It enables businesses and workers to flourish sustainably together.

Dr. Sadudee Supanpai

Vice President

CP Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Must nurture the concept of public spirit or giving without expecting anything in return. Because if a corporation seeks success in its business route without considering others, it will end up moving in the wrong way. We strive to attract and develop talented individuals in accordance with the group's ideals.

Mr. Tienchai Jupattanakul

Assistant Vice President

CP Intertrade Co., Ltd.

Sustainable Development

Charoen Pokphand Group will help drive society toward sustainability

Our Business

Charoen Pokphand Group (C.P. Group) operates a diverse business across its 8 business lines, including: Agro-Industry and Food Business, Retail and Distribution Business, Media and Telecommunications Business, E-Commerce and Digital Business, Property Development Business, Automotive and Industrial Products Business, Pharmaceuticals Business to Finance and Investment Business.

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