Heart: Living Right

To reaffirm our commitment to drive all dimensions of sustainability for a “Better Tomorrow”, Charoen Pokphand Group has always prioritized in building a stable and strong foundation. A good governance process, structure, honesty, ethics, and transparency are, thus, the heart of our business operations in 21 countries and economies worldwide. Another core mission is to uplift the standard of living for people, create equality, and eradicate human rights violations throughout the value chain. To do so, the Group focuses on education and the enhancement of knowledge, abilities, and new skills for youths. We also emphasize leadership and human capital development of our employees, contractors, and suppliers in order to reduce inequality. Furthermore, we place importance on cybersecurity and data protection to enable us to grow sustainably together.

Corporate Governance

We conduct business with integrity, therefore strong corporate governance risk management and compliance in accordance with international standards will support us to grow sustainably.

Goals and Progress

All businesses implement a corporate governance impact scoring assessment

Human Rights and Labor Practices

We believe that "people" are the driving force of the organization. Therefore, we attach utmost importance to our employees. We provide opportunities for diverse groups of people without discrimination, promote acceptance of differences, and build capacity equally for all our employees with such diversity.

Goals and Progress

All businesses conduct human rights impact assessment and Tier 1 high-risk suppliers periodically

Education and Inequality Reduction

Quality education leads to the creation of opportunities and careers. It grooms ethical and competent individuals and brings about sustainable development to society.

Goals and Progress

50 million people received support in the form of access to quality education, lifelong learning or upskilling

Leadership and Human Capital Development

We attach importance to the recruitment of ethical and competent individuals. We also focus on developing our human resources by building their capacity and reskilling them in all areas. Only with such human resources, we will all be ready to sustainably drive the organization together.

Goals and Progress

100% of employees received trainings on sustainability every year

100% of employees participated in sustainability activities or projects every year

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

At present, technology, digital and information technology play an important role for business operation. Hence, building a secure ecosystem for data protection will stimulate stakeholders’ trust, and at the same time it will also promote organization stability for C.P. Group

Goals and Progress

100% of business certified with international standards on data and information security