Heart: Living Right

Charoen Pokphand Group believes that a solid and efficient foundation is principal factors for long-term success. The Group has been integrating several factors from different dimensions to form its business direction and strategies, such as suggestion from stakeholder groups, as well as relevant laws, regulations and guidelines. The central works that the Group has been executed to build a solid foundation included operating business ethically, respecting human rights, developing human resource capacity, developing essential education systems for all and creating a secure information technology system.

Corporate Governance

We conduct business with integrity, therefore strong corporate governance risk management and compliance in accordance with international standards will support us to grow sustainably.

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Human Rights and Labor Practices

We believe that "people" are the driving force of the organization. Therefore, we attach utmost importance to our employees. We provide opportunities for diverse groups of people without discrimination, promote acceptance of differences, and build capacity equally for all our employees with such diversity.

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Education and Inequality Reduction

Quality education leads to creation of opportunities and careers. It grooms ethical and competent individuals and brings about sustainable development to the society.

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Leadership and Human Capital Development

We attach importance to the recruitment of ethical and competent individuals. We also focus on developing our human resources by building their capacity and reskilling them in all areas. Only with such human resources, we will all be ready to sustainably drive the organization together.

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Cybersecurity and Data Protection

At present, technology, digital and information technology play an important role for business operation. Hence, building a secure ecosystem for data protection will stimulate stakeholders’ trust, and at the same time it will also promote organization stability for C.P. Group

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