Charoen Pokphand Group has established the Whistleblowing Policy and Guidelines, and provided six whistleblowing channels for all stakeholder groups, namely Charoen Pokphand Group website, telephone, e-mail, post, CPG Connect, and in-person reporting.

CPG Connect
In-person Reporting

In addition, the Group has also outlined a process for accepting and addressing grievances from stakeholders by determining an investigation procedure and appointing a committee to investigate, verify, follow up and resolve complaints while protecting whistleblowers and any related persons with fairness from retaliation through the use of information management technology by determining access rights and conducting annual reviews. Summary reports are prepared to keep executives and related parties informed. They are also used for tracking progress as well as for taking corrective and improvement actions.

Whistleblowing on Corporate Governance

Submit complaints regarding illegal actions and violations of the Code of Conduct.

Submit a complaint

Employee Communication Guidelines

Employees are valuable assets. Therefore, Charoen Pokphand Group places importance in creating a working environment built on trust and mutual respect. We encourage the establishment of communication channels for employees to convey work-related concerns so that they are able to consult or express opinions in good faith on any matter with the management, their supervisor, Human Resources Department or Compliance Department. Such information is confidential, and employees will not be retaliated against or bullied.