Health: Living Well

Charoen Pokphand Group values in giving and creating benefits for all stakeholders and the society. We strive to create value to the society including promote good health, support secure income and career, and foster access to necessary education. Through our course of operation, the Group has been executing several efforts to concretely demonstrate our commitment, such as networking with international organizations to form alliance and to create scalable impact, continuously communicating with all stakeholder groups to create good perception toward Group’s operation, to create long-term relationship with stakeholders, and to truly understand long-term stakeholders’ requirements. Moreover, the Group also values an importance of innovation development and aims to create innovative products that can uplift health and well-being of customers.

Health & Well-being

Nowadays, the health issue remains a significant concern worldwide, for this reason, various international organizations are cooperating to solve problems. At the same time, the demand for environmentally friendly products and healthy products has increased significantly.

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Social Impact and Economic Contribution

According to a survey of the SDGs' progress by UNESCAP, the trend of implementation in Quality Education (SDG 4) and Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8) in the Asia Pacific region continues to develop slowly and much behind expectations. Hence, driving and achieving the goals within the specified period is a major international challenge in various countries.

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Food Security & Access to Nutrition

Ensuring food security and the ability to access nutrition will support people of all genders and all ages to be in good health.

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Innovation is key in the 4.0 economy as consumer demand is rapidly increasing. The Group adapts to the changing pattern in new directions, especially in the agricultural industry which focuses more on social and environmental responsibility. The Group is, therefore, committed to research and development of innovations to continuously promote the economy, society, and environment, through closed innovation and open innovation.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Charoen Pokphand Group is committed to maintaining good relations between the Group and stakeholders in all sectors. With the business units operating in over 21 countries across the globe, managing and building relationships with stakeholders is one of the Group's challenges.

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