Charoen Pokphand Group operates a diverse business. Our 8 business lines combined with strategies promote operations and strengthen one another. This is evidenced by our expedition through 100 years of economic and other milestones. The Group not only offer our experiences and abilities to support the country’s operations, but we also promote the well-being of the people with focus on building holistic values. The integration of value creation with 15 material issues is shown.

Input Factor
Financial Capital

914,481 million THB

operating costs

Manufacturing Capital

370 product plants

989 animal farms and horticultural/crop farms

13,141 7-Eleven stores

149 Makro Branches

2,791 hypermarkets/Supermarkets/mini supermarkets

Intellectual Capital

95 R&D Centers

22,689 million THB R&D costs

Human Capital

428,576 employees

19.09 training hours for employees

206,750 million THB employees related expenses

Relationship Capital

organizations Relationship with stakeholders

Natural Capital

57.13 million GJ energy consumption

95 million cubic meters water reused

7.05 tons nature resource consumption

Charoen Pokphand Group’s Businesses and Activities
Outcomes and Benefits
Heart: Living Right
2,333,506 million THB
total revenue
of businesses have been assessed on human rights risks
7.26 million persons
received skill development
of employees received training
of businesses have data security management system
Health: Living Well
of new products that promote good
stakeholder engagement score
1.8 million people
children and youth have access to nutritious food
3.94 million people
have been supported with careers
3,012 patents
and petty patents received
Home: Living Together
1.07 million tons CO2e
greenhouse gas emission reduction from environmental project
115 thousand tons
waste reduction
65 million cubic meters
reduction of water withdrawal
of business collaborated on ecosystem restoration
critical raw materials are traceable