Goal and Performance

Charoen Pokphand Group has a strong commitment to social impact and economic contribution. Our primary goal is to drive sustainable development and positive change in the communities we operate in. We have sought to improve the well-being of society at large while fostering economic growth through responsible business practices and investments.

million people
received job promotion to generate income for people in need, e.g. farmers, SMEs, and vulnerable groups along our value chain

Supporting the SDGs

Charoen Pokphand Group's social impact and economic contribution actions support the achievement of five Sustainable Development Goals

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Stakeholders Directly Impacted

Charoen Pokphand Group performs stakeholder assessment and prioritization process on an annual basis to evaluate impacts we have on them and how can they influence our strategies and actions over time. In 2022, the evaluation results showed that our commitment to responsible business practices and investments creates impacts on all three stakeholder groups.

More Details on Stakeholder Engagement Report 2022

Our Impact by the Numbers

Over million

farmers supported


SMEs supported


vulnerable groups supported

million THB

in-cash donation

  • Economic, Social, and Environmental Impact Valuation Guidelines

Social Impact and Economic Contribution Management Approach

Charoen Pokphand Group is conscious that social and economic problems have profound impacts on business operations. For the sustainable management of our business, the Group targets to make contributions to community development and the reduction of social inequality. Therefore, the Group has incorporated job promotion and income creation for those in need as part of our business through a wide range of activities, such as supporting the enhancement of financial knowledge, abilities, skills, and experiences as well as creating opportunities to take part in value creation. This has been carried out in an effort to eradicate poverty from society and enable communities in need to live sustainably based on basic social necessities. For this reason, the Group has initiated guidelines and action plans for the implementation of the “C.P. for Sustainability Program”.

To drive strategies and promote the engagement of executives and employees from around the world in the development of investment projects or social activities that focus on increasing farmers’ capacity, supporting SMEs, and developing the quality of life for vulnerable groups and those in need. Outstanding projects are also honored as good models of the Group.

Creating Social Impact and Benefits

Philanthropic charitable donation

million THB of total support

Charoen Pokphand Group promotes the well-being and living conditions of all people in the society where we have an operation through charitable donations.

Community Investment

million THB of support

Community investments were utilized to support communities throughout the country, such as supporting the building of community infrastructure, hospitals, and education centers. Moreover, the budget for scholarships also comes from the community investment, which we are aiming at providing scholarships on a continuous basis.

Commercial initiatives

million THB of support

Charoen Pokphand Group provides commercial initiatives for projects that deliver positive social and environmental impact to society and the environment as a whole. In addition, the projects must also reflect a good brand reputation for the Group.