Charoen Pokphand Group is a member of several trade associations and organizations. Through these memberships, the Group has contributed by offering recommendations, driving policies and supporting the sustainable development of the country and industries in various aspects.

Charoen Pokphand Group attaches utmost importance to ethics, honesty and transparency in both the Group’s business operations and financial contributions as stated in the Code of Conduct that the Group will contribute zero financial support to any political party, political group, candidate, political influencer or interest representative in order to remain politically neutral.

Organization Type of Organization Contributions (THB)
2020 2021
1. World Economic Forum (WEF) Trade associations / Tax-exempt groups 10,927,980
2. UN Global Compact (UNGC) and Global Compact Network Thailand (GCNT) Trade associations / Tax-exempt groups 5,619,183
3. World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)1 Trade associations / Tax-exempt groups 4,079,150
4. Others Trade associations / Tax-exempt groups 2,966,652

Note: 1 Includes membership fee for Food Reform for Sustainability and Health (FReSH)

Financial Contributions over Four Years

Type of Organization Contributions (THB)
2018 2019 2020 2021
Lobbyists / interest representation or similar 0 0 0
Local, regional or national political campaigns / organizations / candidates 0 0 0
Trade associations / Tax-exempt groups 15,452,712 21,136,687 23,592,965
Others 0 0 0
Total Contribution 15,452,712 21,136,687 23,592,965