‘CPF Rak Ni-Ves at Phraya Doen Thong Mountain’ Project

16 June 2022

CPF joins hands with the Royal Forest Department and communities around Khao Phraya Dern Thong, which is a water-land forest area of the Pa Sak River by conserving, restoring and planting more forests in the area of Khao Phraya Deon Thong, Phatthana Nikhom Road, Phatthana Nikhom District, Lop Buri Province, covering the area of 5,971 rai from 2016 to the present. As a result, we can turn arid areas into green forests with a variety of plants to restore the nature. In addition to regaining forest areas, one thing that could indicate the success of forest restoration is the increase in diversity of wildlife resources in the area. The wildlife has both direct and indirect benefits to forest restoration as well. It is one of the indices to point out the development of ecosystems. In 2018, CPF together with the Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, studied the biodiversity of wildlife in the Khao Phraya Deng Thong area. This was to confirm the species found by footprints or piles of dung from the database. This year, wildlife populations were surveyed and tracked using automatic camera trap. It can be confirmed with photographs that foxes, which are protected wildlife in Khao Phraya Deon Thong rehabilitation, were also found. Moreover, the Pine buntings were also found in the project area as well. The Pine buntings is an endemic bird from northern Siberia which it usually migrates to tropical countries in winter. This bird species was found for the first time in the country and Southeast Asia. Wildlife populations are monitored using automated camera traps every year, and in 2022 a wildlife biodiversity survey is planned to compare with databases surveyed in 2018.