Using Energy-Saving Equipment in 7-Eleven Stores

18 May 2022

Project Background:

CP ALL Public Company Limited recognizes the importance of conserving energy and using limited resources, and therefore has regularly implemented system and process improvements in 7-Eleven stores. The company plans to expand the scope of improvement installations in stores throughout the country. In addition, these efforts respond to the company’s sub-strategy on ‘Green Stores’ and help to support UN SDG 7, Affordable and Clean Energy.


CP ALL has implemented various improvement projects including: replacing all light bulbs with LED light bulbs, replacing air conditioners with inverter air conditioners, improving the efficiency of evaporators for large freezers, producing electricity from solar energy, and improving cooling systems for door less product display refrigerators. Furthermore, the company has developed a ‘Ready-Made’ 7-Eleven Project, where the shop structure is manufactured as a knock-down frame in factories and then uses heat resistant materials for its facade. This feature has contributed to a significant reduction in the burden placed on air conditioners for cooling.

Results and Benefits

9,815 Branches Installed LED light bulbs, reducing average electricity use by 859 kWh/branch/month

3,244 Branches Replaced air conditioners with inverters, reducing average electricity use by 1,020 kWh/branch/ month

2,609 Branches Improved the cooling systems of door less product display refrigerators, reducing average electricity use by 243 kWh/branch/month