Mae Chaem Model Plus Project

19 May 2022

The forest fire and smoke haze crisis in northern Thailand has resulted in air traffic and land transportation problems, and consequently has impacted the local economy. Therefore, the “Mae Chaem Model” Strategy was devised to address forest and soil management issues and was created to be a model for forest fire management. The Model later led to “Mae Chaem Model Plus,” which focuses on systematically addressing issues relevant to sustainable development for quality of life and the environment. The Project has been driven primarily by C.P. Group and 28 other organizations from the government, private, and civil society sectors. Moreover, it has been implemented in line with sustainable development goals in terms of rights on forest land use, arable land, production, marketing, investment, career development, resource management, organizational networking development, and efficient database development.

C.P. Group Participated in Driving Mae Chaem Model Plus

Following the 7 strategies to drive Mae Chaem Model Plus, C.P. Group has collaborated with local government agencies in Mae Chaem District and other networks, such as Sustainable Development Foundation (Northern Region), Orpaya Institute, Ban Thap Sub-district Administrative Organization, Gong Gai Village Community Enterprise in Ban Thap Sub-district, and Geo-Information Center for Management of Natural Resources and Environment for Participation, in order to substantially drive Mae Chaem Model Plus

Geo-Information Center for Management of Natural Resources and Environment for Participation, Mae Chaem District

Categorizes the data related to arable land ownership and forest areas from current communities, covering over 7 Sub-districts, 26 communities, and 104 villages in Mae Chaem District

Developing Water Sources for Agriculture

Carried out in 2 model areas (Ban Thap and Mae Nachon Sub-districts), providing benefits and access to water for agriculture for areas over 3,000 rai (approximately 1,186 acres).

Grow Forest and Generate Income Project

Raised awareness and increased green areas through reforestation using seedlings provided by locals, and generated income from activities such as cultivation of bamboo and coffee

Establishing Community Enterprises

To leverage communities through clustering and group management, such as Gong Gai Village Community Enterprise

Being a part of Royal Forest Department’s “Management of Multi-purpose Forest for Sustainable Development through the King’s Philosophy Project, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai”

Established “Coffee Forest Development School” in Gong Gai Village, Ban Thap Sub-district, and Mae Chaem District by transferring cultivation knowledge and management

Results and Benefits

Restored nature and the environment

Earned income from reforestation

Eliminated the smoke haze issue caused by forest fires in northern Thailand Increased average household income in the areas