Artificial Reef Project

19 May 2022

The coral reef ecosystem is important to humans and other living organisms, as it is a source of high protein foods, prevents damages to coastal areas from large waves, and helps generate revenue from tourism. However, human activities and natural disasters have decreased and sometimes destroyed coral reefs in Thailand, Therefore, C.P. Group and True Corporation initiated the Artificial Reef Project that has been conducted in collaboration with coastal fishery communities; the Department of Fisheries; the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources; the Marine Department; the Royal Thai Navy; the education sector; locals, and provincial administrative government officials.

The Group and True constructed the artificial reefs as spawning and nursery grounds for juveniles in coastal areas of the Gulf of Thailand in Kradangnga Sub-district, Sathing Phra District, Songkhla Province; and Panare Sub-district, Panare District, Pattani Province. In 2017, five hundred pieces of artificial reefs were placed in each area, accounting for 1,000 pieces in total.