Creating Income from Fishing Products (Blue Crabs): From Innovation to Social Enterprise, Surat Thani Province

19 May 2022

Following the Group’s success with Community Crab Banks (Aquatic Animal Banks) in many provinces on the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea, with a large quantity of crabs being released back into the sea, fishermen have now been able to catch a higher quantity of crabs. Nevertheless, they have encountered marketing issues as local buyers have limited purchasing capacity. To help with this, C.P. Group developed plans with local communities to process their catch and to identify fair markets. In response, CPRAM Co., Ltd. a company within C.P. Group with demand for crab meat in their rice box products, created a project to purchase crabs directly from high-potential pilot communities – a business model that could then be replicated with other communities. The community selected for this project was the Takrob community in Chaiya District, Surat Thani Province, which worked in collaboration with private companies in their purchase of crabs from the area. More importantly, the fishermen participating in the project receive a higher price from the Company than from local buyer as these crabs are sourced through sustainable fishing practices.

Results and Benefits

Released more than

million juvenile crabs

back into the sea

Revenue from selling blue crabs