Layer Chicken Complex under Zero Waste Concept

18 May 2022

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited promotes the adoption of circular economy principles in its seven layer chicken complexes across the country. In the chicken farming process, waste is managed with a system that produces biogas from chicken manure, helping to reduce odors and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, clean energy is obtained from methane fermentation process where wastewater is turned into biogas and can be used to generate electricity within the complex. This has contributed to a 65 - 85% reduction in electricity costs. Furthermore, treated water from the fermentation process in biogas system is not discharged to outside sources. On the contrary, the water can be circulated and combined with chicken manure in the system without the need to use natural raw water. Biogas waste generated from fermentation and treatment processes is delivered to farmers who request its use for pre-cultivation improvement of soil condition.

Zero waste from chicken manure

Reduction of electricity costs 65%-85%

Producing Fertilizer or Soil Amendment Substances from Wastewater Treatment Sludge

Producing Fertilizer or Soil Amendment Substances

Charoen Pokphand Foods Company Limited’s ready-to-eat food manufacturing plants in Nong Chok, Paed Riew and Saraburi have transformed wastewater treatment sludge into soil amendment substances. This has helped to reduce waste by 2,000 tons per year and save more than 900,000 THB per year in costs. As a result of promoting the use of biomass (e.g., firewood and wood chips) as fuel for boilers in the animal feed business, ash from such activity can be used to make fertilizer or soil amendment substances. Furthermore, all general waste, except organic waste from broiler business, which were previously disposed of by landfill, are now being sent for incineration to generate heat energy for further use. This has resulted in a 23% reduction in waste for landfill and incineration per production unit.