CP Food World: Food Waste Management at the United Nations

18 May 2022

CP Food World has been selected by the United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand, to be the provider for its international cafeteria and banqueting services within the UN building, which serves around 300–500 UN staff per day. CP Food World and the UN have in place a ‘Zero Waste Management’ policy that focuses on reducing waste to zero and managing waste to ensure that the minimum amount is sent for disposal. This serves as a model for waste management in other restaurant businesses within the Group, where this same policy will be promoted to drive business sustainability.

Food Waste Management Approach

  • Provide knowledge and understanding to employees to help them recognize the importance of waste management and separation.
  • Record the weights of different types of waste and send waste to be produced as biofertilizer or animal feed, recycled, or donated to foundations.
  • Control and limit the procurement of products to match actual demand, and arrange products according to the expiration dates labeled on their packaging
  • Improve and adapt different food recipes to minimize food waste.