Sustainable Packaging : “Reducing, Avoiding, and Eliminating Plastic”

18 May 2022

CPF Replaces Plastic with PLA Trays Charoen Pokphand Food Public Company Limited has opted for green and environmentally-friendly packaging by substituting transparent PET trays with PLA (Polylactic acid) trays. The PLA trays are made from a renewable resource and is 100% compostable. This effort has contributed to 60% plastic reduction, equivalent to more than 8,000 tons of plastic, or 17,000 tCO2 e of greenhouse gas emissions.

True Coffee Switches to Bioplastic Cups True Coffee has reduced the use of plastic for all menus, switching to the use of bio-plastic packaging (PLA) instead. The coffee chain also highlights proper waste separation and has replaced plastic beverage bottles with 330-ml. True Coffee cartons, which will initially be introduced to customers in 15 branches of True Coffee outlets.