CPF Shares ‘CARE Model’ to Upgrade Tilapia Farmers for 4.0 Era

18 May 2022

Charoen Pokphand Foods Company Limited has proceeded to share expertise in a modern freshwater aquaculture method called CARE Model to Tilapia farmers. The CARE Model consists of C-Consumer Need (a production that cares for the needs of consumers), A-Achieve Easily and Consistently (a simple farming system that yields consistent production), R-Reliable System (quality and reliable products), and E-Environmental Friendly (an environmentally-friendly and traceable system). Farms under the CARE system are mindful about water resources.

The “Gravity Flow” principle has been adopted to set a cascading farming system layout from ready-to-use water pond to aquaculture pond, sedimentation pond and aquatic plant water treatment pond. Furthermore, a circular water system has also been installed, leading to 80% lower water consumption than in conventional Tilapia farming. In addition, the system reduces the likelihood of diseases spreading into the farm from natural water sources. It is also eco-friendly as waste from the farm is not discharged to external sources.