Improve Water Quality via the Ultrafiltration membrane (UF) or Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems for Reuse

18 May 2022

Project Background:

Cognizant of diminishing clean water, the Group has increased efforts to improve wastewater quality for reuse in nonproduction-related processes. This water replaces externally sourced water, helping the Group achieve its goal of reducing water consumption by 20% by 2020.

Performance: The Water Reclamation and Storage System has been implemented in our Poultry Processing Business, Pork Processing Business, Aquatic Processing Business, Food Processing Business, and Ready-meal Business. This totals 10 factories. The UF or RO systems were used. This coincided with the reuse of well-treated wastewater to replace externally sourced water in refrigeration cooling parts and sanitation systems. Similarly, they were used to clean roads in the factory’s vicinity and in cleaning transporting vehicles. Our Ready-Meal Production Business piloted the 100% reclaimed water project for its production process at the CPF Research and Development Center. There have also been tests in changing cooling technology to reduce water usage in factories.

Results and Benefits

1,934,500 Cubic meters The amount of recycled water used

12% Proportion of recycled water as opposed to newly withdrawn water from external sources