Cixi Modern Agricultural Park, China

18 May 2022

At present, there are more than 200 million mu (Chinese rai), or approximately 83 million rai, of saline land in China. This is partly a result of climate change and the inappropriate use of land. Consequently, the Group has adopted the “agricultural park” model to address the problem of soil salinization and desert soil conditions by restoring previously abandoned land into fertile arable land for cultivation. The Cixi Modern Agricultural Park was therefore established by the Group to tackle soil salinization using biological methods to restore the fertility of farmlands. Besides resolving the problem of soil salinization, the project has also contributed to reducing resource losses, increasing biodiversity, lowering greenhouse gas emissions from cultivation, fertilizers, pesticides and inappropriate use of land, and alleviating environmental pollution with efficiency. The project has also upgraded output to the level between medium and high while ensuring food security and safety. Furthermore, the project has become the model for saline soil improvement projects in China.

Currently, over 10 agricultural parks have been established across China, helping to revive more than 300,000 mu, or approximately 125,000 rai of land and will be expanded to more than 2 million mu, or 833,333 rai. At the same time, training programs have also been provided to over 10,000 farmers to jointly carry out such effort.