Food for Life (Myanmar C.P. Livestock Co., Ltd., Republic of the Union of Myanmar)

18 May 2022

With 280 registered orphanages in Myanmar, over 36,000 children are being undernourished due to donations randomly made by donors or the lack thereof at certain times. Consequently, there are no ongoing activities to support nutrition among this group of children, resulting in insufficient nutrition for their physical growth (weight & height). The Food for Life project was conceived from the hearts of MCPL volunteer employees who are passionate in their work and in making contributions to the society after the Nagris Cyclone. The Food for Life team has been donating food, medicine and other essential materials since May 2008. Later, the project extended its target to orphanages in need of assistance and began making monthly donations to three orphanages in Yangon since February 2018. Funds are derived from charitable activities and donations by C.P. family, customers and partners.