Pinggu Modern Agricultural Integration Project

18 May 2022

In 2009, the Chinese government provided an opportunity for C.P. Group to participate in the operation of the Pinggu Modern Agricultural Integration Project in Pinggu District, Beijing, China. The project falls under the ‘New Agriculture’ Policy, and is implemented through a ‘Four-in-One’ collaboration approach between four parties – the public sector, the private sector, financial institutions, and farmers. In this project, farmers become project owners by forming a cooperative supported by the Chinese Government, while C.P. Group rents the land and manages the project absorbing the operational risks

Results and Benefits

Economic Value

The Pinggu Modern Agricultural Integration Project directly and indirectly contributes to the development of the local economy. This includes employment, paying taxes, as well as increasing income for farmers in various forms The net economic benefit to society was RMB 117.7 million in 2018

Social Value

The net benefits related to external social factors is equivalent to RMB 4.3 million, mainly from the benefits that employees and farmers receive from the project's training investments, accounting for 99% of the total benefits from the results

Environmental Value

The external environmental impact has a net cost of RMB 55.3 million which the cost of water resources being the most significant on the environment. The amount is equivalent to 59% of the project's environmental impact. Another factor is greenhouse gas emissions, which is for 40%