Makro Retailer Alliance (MRA)

18 May 2022

The Company has been running the Makro Retailer Alliance or MRA as a sustainable project for 14th consecutive years, leveraging the capability of small retailers to adapt to rapidly changing situations. This year, the project continues to focus on familiarizing entrepreneurship and retail shop management through the training program – “8 Steps to a Success”, enhancing knowledge and technology to improve competitiveness that impacts their business. The participants can access the knowledge center and other beneficial information via Makro's website and Facebook page: Makro Your Trusted Partner.

8 Steps to Success

  1. Location
  2. Product Selection
  3. Pricing Strategy for Profitability
  4. Shop Layout and Shelf Management
  5. Shop Decoration
  6. Sales Promotion
  7. Stock Management
  8. Differentiation Marketing

Examples of knowledge for retailers from the website:

  • Proper Product Advertising
  • Delivery Service Increasing Sales and Customer
  • Must-have Products During Rainy Season
  • Common English to Serve the Foreign Customer

Results and Benefits

  • 72,832 retailers participated in the MRA program, an increased 7% from initially 5,507 retailers
  • Participating retailers had an average of 25% increase in their revenue
  • Average Satisfaction level as 4.5 of 5 (which 5 means Highest)