Vietnam’s Youth Doctors Following Ho Chi Minh’s Teaching Program: Volunteering for Public Health (C.P Vietnam Corporation)

18 May 2022

In rural areas across Vietnam, there is insufficient healthcare and health professionals. Therefore, the public and private sectors have collaborated to address this gap by supporting volunteer doctors in the promotion of quality of life and access to equal medical care. These volunteer doctors provide aid and alleviate sufferings while promoting knowledge of fundamental healthcare and first aid to local youths. Since 2010, the C.P. Vietnam Charity Fund has been active in facilitating the Children’s Hospital in District 1, Ho Chi Minh in providing medical examination services to people living in remote areas. The Fund had provided continuous support for the implementation of the Vietnam’s Youth Doctor Program across Vietnam. Both executives and employees alike are able to engage in the activities, such as visits, medicine distribution, knowledge-sharing and giving encouragement to Vietnamese people.

Performance in 2021 :

  • Number of people receiving health check-ups 6,650 persons
  • Organized first aid training for 1,500 community volunteers
  • Provided training on handwashing with soap to prevent disease to 1,500 students