Project to Promote Cultivation of Organic Vegetables: “Sustainable Organic Agriculture” (Lao PDR)

18 May 2022

Vegetables are food crops that are commonly consumed as they are rich in vitamins and minerals that are highly beneficial for the body. Therefore, farmers should turn to planting organic vegetables by combining various methods of prevention and elimination of pests to replace or reduce the use of chemicals for their own safety and for the safety of consumers and the environment. The project utilizes farmlands by growing vegetables for consumption and selling them as additional income. C.P. Lao Company Limited has thus encouraged farmers to plant organic vegetables in existing land areas and sell the produce through various channels to provide the market with high-quality vegetables that are free of toxic residues, safe for consumers, and improve farmers’ health due to zero use of chemicals and pesticides. Furthermore, farmers can save costs relating to pesticides and gain more income from sale of their quality produce. At present, a total of 74 farmers are participating in the project.