CP Lotus Spring Pink Charity

18 May 2022

Cervical cancer and breast cancer remain the primary challenges for women living in Chinese suburbs. In China, the accessibility to detection services rate for both types of cancer is lower than 1% of the total population. These types of cancer have a high chance of recovery, assuming they are detected and treated quickly. In 2009, CP Lotus Corporation launched the ‘Spring Pink Charity’ project that prioritizes women’s health and shows gratitude to all mothers. The project ensures access to detection services for both types of cancer and sets up a ‘Spring Pink Fund’ to raise money to support women in need. Over the past nine years, support from the government has helped transform the project into a movement. The fund has raised as much as 10 million RMB per year. Early cancer cells have been identified in over 5,000 women, with 103 recoveries. As of 2018, the project was scaled up to encompass 2,227 locations in Guangdong province of China within 3 years. Mr. Li Wen Hai, CEO of CP Lotus China, has commemorated such achievement with an illustration and a poem expressing gratitude to mothers.