C.P. Group supported 20 young representatives in the world’s top young leader forum “One Young World 2021”

21 July 2021

C.P. Group is committed to creating future leaders, supporting 20 representatives of the young generation among the world’s top young leader forum “One Young World 2021” created “The Change Maker” as young leaders to drive 6 key issues for a sustainable world. "Muhammad Yunus", Nobel Peace Prize Winner joined an intense tutoring to awaken the power of Thai youth representatives to accelerate new invention in the face of the challenges during the crisis of the Covid-19.

It has been 6 years since the Charoen Pokphand Group (C.P. Group) has committed to support the young generation to participate in the world’s top international young leader forum“One Young World 2021” which is known as“The World's Largest Youth Leaders Summit” . Commencing this year between 22-25 July 2021 at Munich, Germany. C.P. Group supported 20 young representatives from all business units to join the summit in order to exchange ideas for sustainable development and share experiences among over 2,000 young leaders from 190 countries around the world. Together, they all united to seek corporations and solutions to solve major problems in the world, especially the current situation that everywhere is facing, e.g., Covid-19. C.P. Group is aware of the promotion and creation of the role of Thai young leaders to become“The Change Maker” or leaders of change for the society and the nation as part of the key force in creating a sustainable world in the future.

This year, One Young World 2021 was held in a centrally blended format in Munich, Germany with participants from all around the world also joining the meeting virtually. There were young talented leaders from 18-30 years old from all over the world who participated and shared experiences, solutions, and practices among the world’s crisis. In this year, there are six critical issues that need to be solved immediately, namely, (1) Climate Crisis, (2) Education, (3) Rights & Freedom, (4) Conflict Resolution, (5) Future Economies, and (6) Lessons from The Pandemic. All of which are currently added based on the situation that our world is facing. Moreover, guest speakers from different business units, such as politics, economics, social, and cultures were invited to share their experiences and inspire those young leaders in this summit.

Mr. Suphachai Chearavanont, Chief Executive Officer Charoen Pokphand Group (C.P. Group) said that C.P. Group has been supporting Thai young leaders for One Young World Summit since 2015, which was the year that Thailand hosted the summit. This year is the sixth year that C.P. Group had sent 20 young representatives from all business units to participate and share experiences. These young leaders will be The Change Maker who bring out knowledge and potential to create benefits for the society and the country. As currently, the world is facing the Covid-19 crisis and rapid climate changes, which are considered to be the top global crisis. In order to create sustainability, the power of young generations who are courageous and speak up will be needed to solve these problems. Therefore, sending Thai representatives to the One Young World summit is a big step of changes that would help resolve the crisis in the society.

“Good leadership starts with being a good role model that is ready to face any changes all the time. It’s important that leaders must have a mindset, kindness, and compassion towards others. These will help push the leader to make changes towards self and the society as well. At the same time, the role of the young generation leader must believe in themselves because they are the key forces in driving and changing the world for sustainable growth.” said Mr. Suphachai.

C.P. Group was honored by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Economist,Professor Muhammad Yunus, also social business innovator and founder of Yunus Foundation, one of the world's most renowned changemakers, who joined the One Young World stage. Yunus has been a guest speaker to inspire 20 representatives of Thai youth in preparation before the actual date of the One Young World 2021 Summit.

Professor Muhammad Yunus said that representatives of Thai young leaders are an important part to become the change maker in One Young World 2021. The current situation of the COVID-19 the world is facing will be a testament and challenge for the new generation of leaders to find solutions and solve important world issues. Especially those from business units must concern how to run the business by not only seeking profits, but also concerning the benefit for the society, as well as seeing the dimensions of solving sustainability problems in parallel. The young generation needs to accelerate changes by following “Three zeros” principles, namely, the Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emission. Running business for the society will be the key answer to the world in the new era by bringing knowledge from business organizations to help solve community problems and bring peace to be in line with the sustainable development goals.

“I believe Thai representatives and all from over the world in One Young World 2021 will be a vital force to make the world a better place, especially during these difficult times of Covid-19. Therefore, the new generation of leaders has to create sustainability in all dimensions, and also has to run business by focusing on good and benefit towards the society.” said the Nobel Peace Prize-winning.

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