The Village Farmer Nongwa

06 January 2019

Since the farmers’ poverty problems in Baanchong Subdistrict, Panomsarakham District in Chachengsao Province, the causes of no arable land and revenue from selling potatos less than 500 baht per month, Chroen Pokphand Group have been volunteered to solve these problems by following the Royal Thought on Agricultural Land Reform to concretely implement. The Village Farmer Nongwa was established in 1975 with cooperation of 4 sectors: The governance helped selected farmers, Bangkok Bank supported loan, Chroen Pokphand Group helped provide knowledge on technology and marketing, and the last sector is Farmer.

Farmers can break out of poverty and have a steady income.The village had developed to the most modern pig farm in Thailand which became a source of study and learning technology in raising pigs to both domestic and international organizations. Farmers can earn averagely 80,000 baht per month and they have their own land after 10 years maturity and thus the village can be operated by the village committee, every family has the quality of life and children have the opportunity to study and graduate in a higher level.
Environmental Treatment: there is waste treatment system from pigs fed with biogas and the gas will be used for renewable energy within farm system which canreduce electricity cost of 1 in 3 of all electricity . Moreover, pig manure after treatment can be produced to organic fertilizer tablet which can be the extra income of the project.