A healthy environment, teeming with natural resources, is thesource of all food and sustenance for all living beings, which allows them to co-exist in harmony. It is our responsibility to conserve and protect these natural resources for future generations. C.P. Group is deeply aware of the importance of environmental management and we invest a great deal of effort in managing the environmental impacts that may result from business operations across our supply chain. Examples of our dedication include climate change management, energy and water resource use efficiency, waste reduction, and biodiversity and ecosystem protection. These endeavors ensure that the environment remain a home for all living beings, a source for learning, and ecosystem services. As a provider of ecosystem services, the environment provides raw materials for manufacturing, is the starting point of the food chain, and by embodying intangible benefits, is invaluable to society and culture.


Recognizing our contributing role to mitigate the climate change impact for a wider society, we are committed to developing and implementing strategies in line with the relevant principles of UN Global Compact and the Rio Declaration on the Environment and Development. 2020 Goal Reduce 10% of greenhouse gas intensity compared to 2015.


Water is critical to life and essential to securing livelihoods and maintaining business operations. Therefore, we are committed to effective water management, focusing on both quantity and quality, throughout the supply chain. 2020 Goal Reduce water consumption per production unit by 10% compared to 2015.


We aim to provide protection of the earth's ecosystem and biodiversity by ensuring responsible and sustainable use of marine and land resources as well as taking responsibility in restoring and conserving natural resources and biodiversity. 2020 Goal 100% of our key raw materials will be responsibly sourced.


We implement responsible sourcing and ensure traceability in our supply chain as well as work alongside our partners in order to ensure a sustainable and mutual growth. 2020 Goal We will complete the audit for 100% of our key suppliers and ensure that the raw materials sourced from them are traceable.
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