Charoen Pokphand (C.P.) Group operates our business on the principles of good governance and in strict accordance with rules, laws, regulations, contracts, and agreements. Our operations are transparent and verifiable, and uphold human rights principles and fair labor practices. We communicate our business practices with all stakeholder groups of to foster good mutual understanding and engagement. Furthermore, C.P. Group does not overlook the importance of managing our human resources and systematically developing leaders, in terms of both professional skills and ethics, in order to promote the sustainable growth of the organization and to create the highest benefits for stakeholders.


Our corporate governance promotes transparency and accountability to stakeholders, ensures fair and anticompetitive business practices, and fosters the highest ethical standards of business. We comply with the corporate governance in countries where we operate our businesses. By 2020, all our business groups will have their corporate governances and sustainability published in our annual report.


We uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the relevant principles of UN Global Compact. It is our responsibility to ensure that our business will not infringe on human rights. 2020 Goal All business groups implement human rights due diligence and promote safety culture in workplace and among contractors.


We foster leadership and help our people to thrive and become world-class leaders. We aim to equip our people with knowledge and essential skills to steer the group forward in the fast-paced changing environment. 2020 Goal All business groups will provide our leaders and employees with knowledge and skills necessary for the sustainability of business.


Education is essential to drive social and economic development. To stress the importance of education, we encourage the access to education and skill development in all age groups. 2020 GoalSupport 4,350,000 children, youth and adults to get access to education and necessary skill development.
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