Our Corporate Governance vision is to build trust and deepen relationships with all of our stakeholders who interact with our business and society at large by applying our values of integrity and honesty in everything that we do, by committing to high standards of transparency and disclosure, and by seeking to always realize shared value with our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Report




Corporate Governance Principles

Leaders of each business under C.P. Group are tasked with implementing Charoen Pokphand Group’s 11 Corporate Governance Principles in their organization’s corporate governance enabling them to compete and deliver good results all the while taking into account long term impacts. In addition, these principles empower them with the ability to adapt under changing factors, conduct business with responsibility, and create value for sustainable business growth.
  1. Our strength lies in our ability to constantly evolve and adapt our businesses.

The Group’s focus on entrepreneurship allows us to recognize new opportunities, and to adapt our businesses to remain competitive in evolving markets.

  1. Our network of businesses creates synergies, which we maintain responsibly and in full compliance with all regulations.

Our many interconnected businesses enable us to deliver higher quality and better service to our customers. Our corporate governance principles ensure that we pursue any synergy in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

  1. We strive to ensure our entrepreneurial spirit is always balanced by responsible risk management.

Our entrepreneurial mindset has enabled us to grow into the multinational business that we are today. However, our risk strategy ensures that our entrepreneurship flourishes strictly in line with the long-term interests of the Group and its stakeholders.

  1. Our Boards provide leadership, set strategic objectives, and make decisions to build real value for the Group and all its stakeholders.

Each board provides clear directions and defines sustainable processes to ensure we continue to grow as a robust and forward-looking business. Management is then empowered to implement this direction and measure success.

  1. Our Directors provide informed opinions and advice on governance to guide the Board. To execute their duties, they must be independent and steadfast.

Each of our Directors delivers a unique contribution to the Board on which they serve. We expect all of our Directors to carry out their duties with independence and resolve.

  1. Up-to-date information and research is vital for our Boards to make sound business decisions.

All C.P. Group Boards and Directors must actively educate themselves on all aspects of the Company, its industries and all relevant external developments so that they have the information they need to perform their duties.

  1. We compose our Boards carefully to ensure that they have the knowledge and experience to make informed decisions.

We strive to ensure that the composition of our Boards is well-balanced. We identify a suitable size and structure for each business and we seek to fill those positions with Directors who have a diversity of experience and skills.

  1. We take a rigorous and transparent approach to evaluating and incentivizing performance at all levels.

It is the responsibility of the Board to set, oversee and, for listed companies, disclose the remuneration framework. The Board must establish and enforce clear guidelines on Director and Management compensation, as well as benchmarks and performance assessments on individuals, committees and the Board as a whole. Listed companies are also advised to appoint external consultants to ensure transparency.

  1. We are committed to open, effective and ongoing communications with all of our stakeholders.

Good corporate governance goes beyond regulatory compliance. It requires respectful management of the relationships between the Group and its stakeholders. Whenever appropriate, we engage in robust dialogue with these groups. Assessing our effectiveness in maintaining this dialogue is a key element in the way we measure our success.

  1. We are committed to the rights of minority shareholders.

All our shareholders have the right to timely information about our business performance and the right to communicate with management. As a result, each Board must disclose clear and comprehensive financial reports and ensure that effective controls are in place to safeguard transparency and integrity in our reporting.

  1. Integrity and honesty lie at the heart of who we are.

We expect our Boards, management and staff to maintain high ethical standards at all times. We require them to treat our suppliers, our customers and the environment with respect and dignity, and to perform the necessary due diligence to ensure that our partners do the same.

Code of Conduct
The Charoen Pokphand Group Code of Conduct ensures that all our employees worldwide engage in ethical business conduct, are responsible to and respect the rights of stakeholders, as well as improve upon or lessen negative impacts on the environment while being united in thinking and acting in the same way and sharing the same core values of integrity and honesty.

    The Code of Conduct also covers the following topics:
  • Conduct guidelines for all directors and employees in accordance with the ethical standards of C.P. Group
  • Examples to facilitate better understanding
  • Advice on how to find sources for additional information and/or guidelines





























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Policies and Guidelines

C.P. Group’s Policies & Guidelines set objectives, define roles and responsibilities as well as address compliance with laws and regulations for all our directors and employees to uphold alongside with the Charoen Pokphand Group Code of Conduct.

Supplier Code of Conduct

In order to drive supply chain management and sustainable business growth, which reflects responsibility to the community, society and environment, our business partners are required to adhere to the Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

Best Practices

Best Practices are those norms that have been commonly accepted throughout C.P. Group.

CPG Corporate Governance Framework

    Corporate Culture
  • Upholding corporate values; ensuring a system of robust and ongoing engagement among employees
  • Enabling conduct required for good corporate citizenship and sustainable operations
    Board Stewardship
  • Establishing clear remits for and solid distinctions between board and management roles and responsibilities
  • Overseeing board composition, authority, accountability and renewal
  • Enabling shareholders to effectively exercise their rights
    Risk Governance
  • Building and maintaining a sound framework for risk management
  • Establishing and maintaining systems and guidance for compliance across all business territories and sectors
    Stakeholder Engagement
  • Ensuring timely and fair disclosure of all material information
  • Maintaining sustainable relationships with all external stakeholders (e.g. shareholders, regulators, customers, partners, community)

Ethics & Compliance Training
At the heart of C.P. Group’s development for its employees, is the building of a workforce founded on integrity and complying with our guidelines, local laws and regulations on doing business with ethics.

Ethics & Compliance training (including the Code of Conduct) is already part of employee orientation and is subsequently conducted annually to build their awareness and knowledge of ethics and compliance to more advanced levels.

C.P. Group has multi-level Ethics and Compliance training which includes all employees as well as training for employees at various supervisory levels so that they can further train their subordinates on ethics and compliance. This way, we are ensured that ethics and compliance awareness is permeated throughout the organization at all levels.

Our commitment to business integrity

if you see or hear any wrongdoing, misconduct, or unethical practices, please let us know immediately.

Report a concern

Employee Open Communication Practice

As our employees are one of our most valuable assets, Charoen Pokphand Group places great importance on maintaining a working environment based on mutual trust and respect, as well as providing an open door for employees to communicate their concerns that may arise from their work through our various channels. This includes providing employees opportunities to seek advice or to express their opinions in good faith with management, their direct supervisors, human resources functions, or compliance functions without fear of retaliation. All information or grievances received in this manner shall be treated confidentially.

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