Promoting Learning for Children Outside the Education System (Pondok)

18 May 2022

Pondok schools were established by religious teachers in the community. The school is emphasis teaching the contents of the Quran to develop children and youths to become good people. Most of the students were sedentary and they lack financial support. Thus, there is still a lack of access to learning tools and materials such as the Internet, social media, or television. As a result, it limits children and youth from receiving beneficial information that helps in knowledge and skill development. In addition, the children and youth may be lack behind which potentially putting at risk of becoming a tool of the ill-wishers.

To elevate the learning standards of students and teachers' capabilities at Pondok schools in the five sub-districts in south Thailand, TRUE Corporation has donated ICT media and learning tools such as True Plookpanya Television, Internet, and the Tablet with installed LearnBig application. The application allows access to e-books, learning materials of over 1,200 materials, and which are available in both Thai and Malay languages. For teacher training, TRUE Corporation has co-design guidelines of using ICT media in teaching and learning as appropriate to the context of each school.

Over 282 students benefited from ICT media learning. Students have better academic achievement and they are motivated to study. The number of students receiving grade 0 has decreased by 15.7% in Yala Province, 23.2% in Pattani Province, and 55.3% in Narathiwat Province. In addition, there are at least 10 directors and teachers who have received training on the ICT media teaching integration.