Panyapiwat-CPRAM Learning Center

18 May 2022

Education is the cornerstone of improving quality of life. However, the number of students who are unable to pursue higher education has remained. This issue occurred because of a shortage of funds. At the same time, many people who have gained higher education are affected by the challenges in finding jobs due to their educational background that does not meet the labor market demand. Hence, CPRAM initiated the project by establishing the Panyapiwat Learning Center in 2008 with the cooperation of the Panyapiwat College of Technology.

At Panyapiwat-CPRAM Learning Center, there are courses at the vocational level which is bilateral. This offers students to learn and practice in 2 disciplines, namely the Food business and the Mechatronics. Therefore, they have educational opportunities for continued education at a higher level and earning income during their study at the same time. The target group at the learning center is Children of employees, people in the community, and people with educational disabilities. We provide 100% scholarships including financial support on clothing, books, school supplies, accommodation, transportation, and allowances during vocational training. Upon graduation, all students will be 100% employed by being placed as full-time employees of the company. There is also an opportunity to be considered for scholarships at higher degree levels as well.

From the 13 years of operation, 334 graduates are knowledgeable personnel and have earned job-specific skills. Therefore 100% of the graduates are employed and can earn income to support themselves as well as their family. By helping to enhance the sustainable quality of life through this project, CPRAM has awarded more than 674 scholarships to students, equivalent to over 21 million baht.