CP Fresh Supermarket

18 May 2022

C.P. Leadership Institute’s development programs for new generation leaders are based on an action learning program to encourage these young leaders to identify problems and explore solutions in operating a business through hands-on experiences in all functions of the business while learning to develop a new business model for the Group.

Upon translating the concept of the leadership development courses into an actual business model, a prototype supermarket, or CP Fresh, was established in Pakchong district, Nakhon Ratchasima province. The supermarket’s concept centers around fresh, clean and safe products that are subject to thorough regulations from upstream to downstream. CP Fresh is, therefore, a “Fresh Destination” that delivers straight from the sea. It is also home to Pakchong’s first live seafood tank. Furthermore, the supermarket sources local products to redistribute income and assists in the development of suppliers so that they may grow alongside the Group.

Currently, the supermarket has expanded 5 times in size, covering an area of over 500 sq. m., and focuses 80% of its sales on fresh food. CP Fresh allows new generation leaders to acquire experience in all functions of the business.