Human Right and Labor Practice Policy

September 01, 2017

Charoen Pokphand group have always profoundly based on the core philosophy of 3-benefits to the country we invested, the people, and the company and with integrity. We therefore recognize that human resources are the most valuable and have given all the equal opportunity for career in all territories we invest and operate, as well as knowledge and skills development, and honor others rights and responsibilities; grateful to their supervisors and subordinates so as to create value of everyone in the organization.

Now that the Charoen Pokphand group have stepping up to be a global organization and being a part of the global community, it is therefore very essential to up keep our long-established business philosophy and good practices of caring for our people to strive to extend the business operation to include respect for human rights, pride, and equality of everyone including that of our customers, business partners, and everyone in the supply chain in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Rights at work.

In order to prevent any violation or human rights impacts from business operations to our organization, community and society, the policy and guidance on human rights and labor practice set hereunder.

1. All business operations in Charoen Pokphand group are to communicate the Human Rights Principles (guided by the United Nations and the International Labor Organization) employees in the organization, as well as business partners throughout the supply chain and all concerned parties for their knowledge, understanding and consciousness.

2. In accordance with international guidelines on the surveillance of human rights (Human Rights Due Diligence Process) of the United Nations Organization and strictly in compliance with local laws, all business units and functions in CP Group should conduct the human rights impact assessment and labor practice by listening to the issues from stakeholders, in order to identify exposure, plan and rectify to prevent or mitigate the effects both inside and outside the organization.

3. To set up a grievance reporting process or mechanism and mitigation measures that are appropriate, sufficient and timely and to ensure that right of those reporting, and genuinely protected.

4. In order to accomplish this mission, the groups have set up the target on Human Rights and Labor Practices so that all business units and functions can adopt, implement, monitor and report the performance up to the group level.

This policy is to be effective from September 1, 2017

Announced on September 1, 2017


Mr.Suphachai Chearavanont


Charoen Pokphand Group