Suphachai Chearavanont Transforming CP To Be a Leader of Change

November 15, 2017

Charoen Pokphand Group, or CP, remains one of the most influential conglomerates in Thailand, with dominance in nearly every major sector. The new leader of the group, Suphachai Chearavanont, resolves to maintain the lead by embracing modern technology.

Because CP operates in many overseas markets, challenges and competition come in many forms. To stay at the top, Suphachai said the company is focusing on three areas: biofood and biomedical, robotics and artificial intelligence, and cloud technology.

"Investing in those three issues are what each organization in our group must do, in order to expand from what we already have," Suphachai said. "It will be a new S-Curve for the group . we may be able to expand them into a new business of our own."

He envisioned a fully automated farms, and a new front in biofood industry. Suphachai also stressed the importance of Big Data, a valuable innovation for a company that has millions of customers such as CP.

"In the future, there might be online membership for customers who buy food from CP, and members can register for blood, heart and other health tests," he said. "If we have just a million members, it will be a precious data source to understand lifestyle and behavior of our customers."

source : Prachachat, 16 November 2017