CPF announces global policy on responsible antimicrobials use

October 19, 2017

Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC (CPF) has adopted a vision on responsible antimicrobials use in livestock and aquaculture businesses, a global policy aimed at affirming its leading status as a global safe food producer.  This vision on responsible antimicrobials use will now guide all units in their decision process.

Adirek Sripratak, chief executive officer of CPF, said that CPF has signed the "Global Vision on Antimicrobials Use in Animals" which is binding all business units in Thailand and elsewhere in the world as part of the company's safe food production process under the "Kitchen of the World" vision.

"Antibiotics use in animals has grasped global attention as it concerns food safety and public health. Realizing the importance, CPF has adopted these responsible use practices to do our part to minimize antimicrobial resistance risks. Our quest to improve the food safety system never stops. We are striving to advance the ‘One Health’ approach to protect the health of our people, animals and the planet. The global antibiotics vision will take effect immediately for implementation globally within 2020," Adirek said.

The global vision on antibiotics use in animals is to affirm the sustainable production of safe and quality food. Antimicrobials will be used responsibly, taking into account all factors of proper animal care.  It must also be in line with sustainable development practices and consumer satisfaction. Importantly, to use antimicrobials reasonably and responsibly, CPF is also placing emphasis on disease prevention practices that will minimize the need for antimicrobial use.

CPF has prioritized the antimicrobials policy as follows; 1) requiring those antimicrobials that are medically important for human medicine shall be used only for therapeutic uses under veterinary oversight 2) elimination of the use of shared-class antimicrobials which are medically important for human medicine for growth promotion purposes globally , and 3) work with global experts and partner with all stakeholders to identify new and better ways to care for animals to enhance animal welfare and to reduce the need for antimicrobials. CPF is applying the policy throughout the global food supply chain and collaborating with all parties in appropriately protecting the health of people, animals and the global community under the "One Health" approach.

CPF will participate Antibiotic Awareness Week at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) headquarters during 13-17 November 2017, as invited by the agency.

In 2016, CPF joined the "One Health Summit" in Washington D.C., where world food chain stakeholders discussed safe food production and appropriate use of antibiotics in humans and animals. At the event, CPF signed the "One Health Summit Priorities" which sought action for responsible use of antibiotics in the production of safe food. The "Global Vision on Antimicrobials Use in Animals" is another statement to global community that this Thai company is truly determined to follow the highest food safety standards for the benefits of consumers across the world.

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