From humble origins in Thailand, we have become a leading Asian business through entrepreneurship and a pioneering spirit, and by anticipating the changing needs of countries and communities as they develop.

Founded in 1921 as a seed trading store for Thai farmers, we have built an integrated food production, distribution and retail business. Our group also now spans telecommunications, property and financial investments. We have invested in 18 countries, and export to over 100.

We know that we have the ability to create prosperity on three levels: First for the countries where we operate, second for the communities we engage, and third for our company and its people.  We call this the Three Benefits principle, and it guides our growth.

In all our businesses, we bring a culture of innovation, the application of new technologies and a constant focus on quality and safety. Our goal is to create a model that serves the community, provides shared value, and is sustainable for the long term.

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Chia Tai Chung or 'Chia Tai', a small shop selling vegetable seeds, set its root on Song Wat road in Thailand by importing vegetable seeds from China, under the trademark of 'Airplane' (Rua Bin). The business was recognized as a pioneering enterprise in Thailand's vegetable seeds market. 
CP Group continues to actively invest and operate in numerous industries across the world
Our core values are deeply rooted within our global operations, our people and our approach to how we do business. They are centred around our commitment to sustainably advance and grow our businesses with spirit and integrity.

It is through this that, for almost a century, C.P. Group has gained the trust of societies locally and abroad. The organization remains committed to improving the livelihood and well-being of the people in the countries in which we operate, and aims to play its part in strengthening the growth and sustainability of the economy, society and environment. 
Core values:
• 3-Benefits principle
• Speed and Quality
• Simplification
• Accept Change 
• Innovation
• Integrity and Honesty

3-Benefits toward Sustainability
The Three Benefits principle is at the core of our approach to business. We firmly believe that we have the ability to create prosperity on three levels: First for the countries where we operate, second for the communities we engage, and third for our company and its people.
This principle guides our growth and ensues that the actions of CP Group and our people, in Thailand and in all countries in which we operate, are not only contributing to the growth of our business but of society as a whole.
Speed and Quality
We firmly believe that for businesses operating in today’s world to survive and grow sustainably, they must act with 'speed' whilst maintaining the very highest 'quality' in all aspects of their operations. By placing these two key factors at the heart of what we do, we are able to cope with constantly changing circumstances; new technologies; evolving customer requirements and tastes; trade regulations; and other global or local developments.
Therefore, C.P. Group places great importance on the efficiency and effectiveness of our business and employees.
CP Group has investments in 18 countries worldwide, operates businesses through more than 200 subsidiaries and employs over 300,000 employees. Effective and efficient operations are therefore absolutely critical to our success and ability to operate.
We are therefore committed to ensuring that working practices, systems and operations are focused and streamlined, that innovation and technology are utilized throughout our Group to improve our efficiency and that we are embracing an attitude of simplification across our operations.

Accept Change
Global businesses continually face a wide range of changing circumstances, from the transformation of social conditions, economic and political changes, disruption from technology, and evolving consumer behaviours, to climate change and natural disasters. As a business we need to remain agile in order to readily cope with changing circumstances across our markets.
We foster a culture of accepting change across our business, through which our people are motivated to adapt and develop. Studies and research help us to protect the Group from risks, adapt to changing circumstances and also provide new processes and products that allow us to better serve consumer demands and contribute to the economy and society of Thailand and all nations in which C.P. Group has invested or has operations.
Creativity is a driving force that advances every level of the business from methods to processes, products and services. Driving development is a focus of the Group and of our employees as we seek to bring the very best products and services to market for our customers.
We foster a culture of innovation and development. Our subsidiaries - including Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CPF), CP All PCL and True Corporation hold annual innovation exhibitions to showcase the latest technologies and breakthroughs developed within their businesses. As a Group, we host the 'C.P. Innovation Exposition' to showcase the very best innovators and innovative products and services from every level of every business within our group of companies with the aim of promoting a corporate culture of innovation and to share and develop ideas right across the group.

Integrity and Honesty
CP Group has, for almost a century and since the pioneering days of the Chia Tai Chung vegetable seed shop in Bangkok's China Town, operated its business through the values of integrity and honesty.
From these early days, we considered farmers as lifetime partners to us - in order for us to grow as a business we had to ensure the sustainability of the livelihoods of the country’s farmers – we would not succeed unless they did.
As CP Group has diversified over the years into new sectors and across geographies, integrity and honesty have remained as key pillars for the organization. We firmly believe that operating a business solely focused on driving profit will ultimately lead to a loss of trust from business partners, consumers, communities and other stakeholders – resulting in our business becoming unsustainable.
Therefore, whether it is selling one packet of vegetable seeds or hundreds of tons of processed food, our Group must remain committed to operating with integrity and honesty.
Driven by its solid growth, the C.P. Group has become one of Thailand?s leading companies and has gained acceptance worldwide in virtue of the executives? vision, professionalism and a culture of learning built for the continuity of proficiency and knowledge enhancement. As a result, its business management moves forward with efficiency. Leaders with integrity and morality are thereby developed from generation to generation, leading the organization to sustainable growth under good governance. 
Honorary Chairman
Mr. Jaran Chiaravanont

Mr. Montri Jiaravanont
Advisory Chairman
Mr. Sumet Jiaravanon
Senior Chairman
Mr. Dhanin Chearavanont
Mr. Soopakij Chearavanont
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Suphachai Chearavanont